Founding Declaration

Gipuzkoa Garaile

Gipuzkoa Garaile is a civil society initiative; a collaboration of people who have collectively reflected on Gipuzkoa’s present and future and on the tools we have available to drive us to success in overcoming the challenges that our community faces.

To that end, we want to create an economic structure based on people and their talents; on an industry advanced in research and innovation that is open to the world, and which values the entrepreneurial Gipuzkoan spirit; and with businesses that can actually undertake this shared project with ease – a project based on mutual trust and an ongoing, integrated collaboration between workers and employers. In short, competitive businesses which generate a profit while being socially committed and environmentally responsible.

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the Starting Point

A place made up of committed people with technical expertise, in possession of values like ethics, hard work, risk-taking, willingness to change, solidarity, transparency, accountability, commitment, mutual respect and trust.
We need to increase our appeal as a land of opportunity for the creation of wealth, but also to capture people and businesses from outside our land. We should model ourselves on our European neighbours – pace-setting countries like Denmark, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland. We should also be skilled at penetrating global knowledge networks.

Science and Technology

the Immediate Future

An efficient and accredited educational system using the best experiences from our cultural setting, which deepens our advances in knowledge through growing and decisive support for research, with all the necessary instruments that enable the strengthening of competition for our University, Vocational Training Centre and Science and Technology Network. And all of this in service to productive activity.
Businesses and the individuals that comprise them need an ecosystem that facilitates the expansion and development of knowledge, technology and research. Let’s work on it.


the Meeting Point

Without a competitive, productive and strong fabric to society, there is no future. What is good for its competitiveness and sustainability is good for employment, is good for the health of the public sector, and is good for the social welfare of citizens. In short, it is good for Gipuzkoa, and therefore also for Gipuzkoans.
A technologically advanced economic structure able to create products and services with high added value, with the added ambition of achieving a strong international presence.
The founding of an economic model in which a business is the result of a shared project based on trust between employers and workers, which is socially responsible, and which is a key player in the task of generating wealth and employment.

Members of the Network



Javier Aguirrebena

Jose Mari Aizega

Aingeru Aizpurua

Ander Aizpurua

Idurre Altuna

Roberto Álvarez

Juanjo Álvarez

Txomin Andonegi

Jokin Aperribay

Koldo Arandia

Jorge Arbaiza

Marta Arcaute

Javier Ariznabarreta

Xabier Ariztimuño

Patxi Arratibel

Josean Arregui

Jaime Arrese

Ana Arrieta

Iñaki Arrieta

Marisa Arriola

Iker Arrizabalaga

Julio Arrizabalaga

Ruperto Arrocha

José Arruti

Juan Carlos Ausin

José Miguel Ayerza

Andrés Barbadillo

Esteban Barrenechea

Lander Beloki

Xabier Berasategui

José Miguel Corres

Rosa Cristóbal

Julián De Juan

José Luis De La Cuesta

Jesús De La Fuente

Xabier De La Maza

Tomás De La Presilla

Nagore De los Rios

Manuel Díaz de Marcos

Ricardo Díez

Alberto Emparanza

Iñaki Esparza

Joseba Etxeberria

Josu Ezkurdia

Julián Flórez

Miren Gabilondo

Mari Carmen Gallastegui

Ignacio Garayalde

Iñaki García

Mikel García

Alex Garcia-Alonso

Pedro Garciandia

Agustín Garmendia

Cristina Garmendia

Juan Gastesi

Eukene Gil

José Manuel Gil

Iker Goenaga

Luis Goenaga

Juana Goizueta

Javier Gojenola

Jesús Gómez Montoya

Juan Gorostidi

Mikel Gorostidi

Pello Guibelalde

Jose María Guibert

María Luisa Guibert

Jon Iartza

Jesús Ibarluzea

Felix Iraola

Tomás Iriondo

Iñigo Irizar

Ion Irurzun

Agustín Iturrioz

Cristina Iturrioz

Jose Antonio Jauregui

Ana Belén Juaristi

Eduardo Junkera

Kepa Korta

Iñigo Kortabitarte

Imanol Larrañaga

Mikel Larrañaga

José Luis Larrea

Gustavo Lascurain

Estibaliz Leon

Ainhoa Lete

Jose Francisco Liceaga

Gurutz Linazasoro

Javier Lopetegui

Antxon López Usoz

Carlos Luna

Juan Carlos Malet

Carlos Martín

Iñaki Martínez

Joseba Martínez

Iñaki Mujika

Pedro Muñoz-Baroja

Monika Navajas

Jabi Odriozola

Manu Olariaga

Iván Ollo

Mikel Ormazabal

Enrique Ortega

Xabier Ortueta

José Javier Pardo

Javier Peribañez

Txema Pitarke

Ander Ramos

Pablo Rio

José Antonio Rodríguez

Javier Roquero

Hugo Rubio

Asier Rufino

Robert Salicio

Iñaki San Sebastián

Carlos Sanz

Ander Sarratea

Patxi Sasigain

César Trocaola

Raquel Ubarrechena

Iñigo Ucín

Iñigo Ugarte

Aitor Uriondo

Antxon Vega de Seoane

Juan Carlos Vergara

José Miguel Viedma

Asier Vitoria

Iñaki Yerobi

Mikel Yerobi

Alex Zabala

Iñigo Zaldua

Eduardo Zubiaurre

Javier Zulaica

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